Some observational data to download and links to various data sources


Temperature profiles in lake bottom sediments

1) Data from measurements in Lake Mendota (on-screen or download)

Data are taken from the Tables given in the pioneering paper Birge, E. A., C. Juday, and H. W. March, 1927: The temperature of the bottom deposits of Lake Mendota, Trans. Wiscon. Acad. Sci., vol. 23, pp. 187-231.

2) Data from measurements in Lake Krasnoe (1971-1988), Russia (download)


Meteorological data, data from measurements in lakes

1) Data from measurements in Lake Vendyurskoe (18-22 July 2003), Russia (download)

2) Datasets from the North Temperate Lakes Study Area, the Limnology Laboratory on Lake Mendota in the Yahara Lake District of southern Wisconsin and the Trout Lake Station in the Northern Highlands of Wisconsin, USA.